Modern Architectural Consultants

Established in 1979 by Architect Mahmoud Qadadeh, Modern Architectural Consultants (MAC) is a leading Architectural Firm in Jordan with a wealth of expertise in the fields of residential, retail, commercial, leisure, mixed use and industrial architecture. 

Our work varies from small scale projects such as private villas to large scale projects such as factories. Serving our clients’ needs for more than 35 years and committing  urselves to excellence in every phase of the process from concept to completion leading to client’s satisfaction.

Our Vision

Modern Architectural Consultants  (MAC) is one of the leading choices for design, supervision, and project management in Jordan.
Our diverse portfolio encompasses energy, residential, government, commercial and manufacturing structures. We are currently involved in multiple projects in dozens of locations in the Middle East.
Modern Architectural Consultants (MAC) commits to bringing an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every project.
We have a proven record of projects for the past 30+ years and continue to add to our portfolio.

Our Mission

MAC is committed to providing the highest level of harmonious projects and quality engineering services, in a professional manner and effective cost.

  • To be one of the leading international providers of consulting services to the world by delivering  projects that consistently meet international standards” Creativity integrity honesty accuracy reliability efficiency
  • To increase the company’s role relative to social responsibility.
  • To provide excellent customer services by understanding customers’ competition and industry, and meet specific customer requirements
  • Develop company values and atmosphere by hiring the best employees who fulfill the  customers’ desire.
  • To provide higher quality service by improving standards of activities and processes.


  • Quality assurance.
  • Problem identification, resolution, and prevention
  • Continuous process improvements 
  • Improving the customer experience and increasing their retention and loyalty
  • Always learning current best practices.